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The oil and as industry said this would never happen-now read what a new study has shown!
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I find it quite amazing that if I'm doing something on my property and it's causing an earthquake on yours it's OK.
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The Trustees are now accepting applications for Zoning Commission Members, call or email me.
Oberland Park Improvement!
Oberland Park Under Construction – Again
Yes, your park board recreation board and trustees will be adding a new feature to Oberland Park.
Thanks to the generous contributions by Best Sands/Fairmount Minerals who is donating the sand, gravel, nets, balls and poles and locally operated Kunhle Trucking who will be delivery the 600 tons of material to the park. Kim Kunhle estimated that it would take 26 trips from Fairmount's Ravenna Road site in Chardon to Newbury's Oberland Park just north of Newbury School.
The sand pit will be installed before the end of June on the east side of the pavilion. Drain tile was installed when other work was done in the area as part of the tri boards long-range park plan.  Some of the material dug out for the pit will be used along the sides of the pavilion so folks don’t have to step up to the concrete floor of the pavilion and the rest will be used to make site improvements.  A layer of stone will be spread in the bottom of the pit to ensure excellent drainage and sand that is perfect for volleyball will top it off. Once completed Newbury will have one of the best volleyball sand pits in the county.
The volunteer work force will be comprised of volunteers from the Township and Fairmount Minerals. Many hands make little work so if you'd like to help please contact Glen Quigley at 479-8373 for a date and time.
For safety reasons please keep children away from the construction site and avoid walking through the excavation zone. Once the volleyball sandpit is complete it will be available for public use.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Sperry Road to be repaved
New to the site is a page dedicated to explaining hydraulic fracturing, alias "Fracking"
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My Pledge:
Maintain Newbury’s rural atmosphere by pro actively protecting our environment and property values. Placing the needs of the residents first versus outside influences.
Defend and fairly enforce our existing zoning resolution to ensure low-density development and halting the drift toward the unnecessary industrialization of our township.
Work to adopt legislation to permit townships to maintain local control over their roads.
Provide conservative management of the Township’s budget.
Ensure honesty, fairness, transparency, and easy access in order to address the concerns of the residents’.
This site will express my personal point of view, the official township website can be found at newburyohio.com
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